domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Lunar Lander

This is a one player space game. Based on a well known arcade game from the early '70s from Atari.

You control a Lunar Lander. You can rotate it and apply different levels of thrust, in order to land on defined spots, at a controlled speed. The game simulates gravity and atmosferic drag effects (as well as inertia).

V0.1 includes source code (programmed on DIV). You can use this code freely on any of your games, although I would be glad to hear of any interesting modifications you may do to it. It is a small version, with only one scenario.

V1.3 is the latest version, with 15 scenarios, three difficulty levels, campaign mode, etc.

Please be sure to check this post to see how to run these games (they DON'T run under Windows). For more info check the "How to run the gamestab.

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  1. Avi, I'd like to get your games up on the new, your time pilot is already on