Div Games Studio - A little history

Div was a game programming IDE. Originally developed in Spain by Daniel Navarro. At one point it was bought and started being distributed by FastTrak, a British Company.

Fastrak opened a forum which hosted a flourishing community. All this happened more or less between the years 2000 to 2003.

Div was a DOS based software, which was not a problem while Windows 95 and Windows 98 were the OS of choice for personal computers. But then, Windows XP appeared and although a much promised Windows version of DIV was waited for some time, this never happened.
In the following years the community dwindled and almost disappeared. In some places of the net, people who know each other from those times still meet. New tools more ore less based on Div are available even today. More about this on later posts.

In my opinion, very nice games were done by the community. Of course, we must say that this is true relatively to the resources available at that time. But maybe I am in no place of judging, since I was part of Div-Arena community.

I tried to recover some of the games done with Div, which proved a difficult task. I hope that, once this site is in the net, people will blow the dust on their old drives and backup CDs and more games will see the light again.

The games can't be run under Windows, but today, many DOS emulators simplify the task. For more info, check here.

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  1. you should see what's happening at div-arena.co.uk

  2. If you want to be part of the next DIV-ARENA you should look on div-arena.co.uk. We are re-launching DIV-ARENA with a brand new language for modern computers :)

  3. Please see div-arena.co.uk for the latest updates to DIV